About Our Company and
Our Mission

Unique Natural LLC is a multinational company based in North Virginia, USA and operates in the US, Afghanistan and the UAE.

Our primary company function is “general trading” and that includes but not limited to the export, import and distribution of products such as saffron, cardamom, black pepper, etc. With years of combined experience in international business and a broad range of capabilities, UNC is fully suited to provide the products your company or organization may lack.

Unique Natural Company is a leading provider of the high-quality Afghan saffron on the market. Our dedicated team cooperates with reputable farmers and factories in Afghanistan to provide our customers with the great quality products. We firmly rely on professionals’ expertise to ensure supremacy during the whole process of collecting, sampling, packing and distributing our products.

The company was founded upon a set of core values that we believe are essential for excellence. These foundational principles guide our decision making and serve to maintain our reputation as a leader in the field. Further, our founders have always been enthusiastic about promoting social responsibility through its business practices, and therefore implemented several projects to empower women and educate farmers – investing back in communities and perpetuating sustainable agriculture.

Why Saffron from Afghanistan?

The International Institute for Thai Quality and Quality of Food in Brussels has again selected Afghanistan’s Saffron products as the best in the world. (+) This expensive red gold variety, grows well in Afghanistan. The Herat Saffron Union, which has been monitoring the cultivation, production and promotion of saffron for nearly a decade, pinpoints Afghanistan as the most appropriate country for saffron cultivation.

A primary factor in our success is that in Afghanistan, Unique Natural Company can enjoys the advantage of excellent management of our farm producers and agricultural experts selecting only the best and the most fertile fields for saffron cultivation. Further, the suitable PH of soil in Herat (around 7-8) is well-suited to saffron farming. Additionally, the high quality of alluvial water and the high presence of organic material in the soil in Afghanistan and Herat province, plays an invaluable role in producing our high-quality products.

Therefore, our select saffron from Afghanistan has significantly more flavor and quality compared to that of others in the region for two reasons;

(1) district adherence to organic and semi-organic cultivation practices which only consume chemical additives at the minimum permitted levels and

(2) numerous plots of fertile soil in the country remain intact and have never been tilled. Therefore, in many instances our saffron is cultivated from these soils for the first time. Moreover, Unique Natural Company enjoys the benefit of many skilled workers and highly-trained specialists in the field who can guarantee perfection through state-of-the-art planting, harvesting, and packaging and distribution techniques.