Saffron Planting

The saffron is scientifically named Crocus Sativus from the Iridaceae family. The best time to plant saffron is May and June. As the weather warms up and the planting time is delayed, the saffron onions will be damaged. Irrigation is needed for saffron early in the crop and then only at harvest time and a few days before the crop needs to be irrigated. The saffron plant needs less water than other plants. Once saffron onions are planted there is no need to be re-planted until 7 years later.

Saffron harvest time is in October and mid-November. Of course, harvest may continue until late November. Surely the time of planting and harvesting of saffron and how to clean the saffron has a great impact on the price and quality of the product. Saffron that is dried and cleared after quick harvesting is more suitable for export.

Saffron is harvested early morning everyday, or every two days; to prevent the damage by sunlight. Sunlight can break the chemical structure of saffron and, as a result, affect its quality. High humidity also impacts saffron quality.